Introducing Jabber Nuxo

Jabber is an instant messaging system: it allows people to communicate in real time over the Internet and see when contacts are online. Jabber has many advantages compared to other IM systems like MSN. Opportunity to create their own chat room, (the administrators are at your disposal in case of problems), but also to communicate to other networks such as MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo.

Registration on the server is open and free. Registration can be done via the registration form on the site or jabber client you use to connect. Download can be found on the website a list of available client jabber to join your friends.

First Jabber is used by the greatest:

  • Google Talk, Wanadoo messenger, messenger Twitter, Orange.
  • It also allows the freedom to use the software that fits their needs.
  • There is no one Jabber server, but like a multitude of Nuxo.
  • Each has specific features of interest particular usage profile.
  • Jabber also given the opportunity, with one client, to connect to MSN, AIM, Yahoo or ICQ at the same time via the system gateways.

The friendliness between members is essential. Respect the service provided by us is recommended for all! Members No action shall be taken to disrupt services. For all other possible questions send your request to this address: staff @

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